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What changes when we talk about “climate change”? What is new that this brings to our planet, characterized by its natural cycles, and to our societies, which celebrate change? Traveling the world, Teo and his lion rabbit take us for a walk to understand the greenhouse effect, global warming, microplastics, ecosystems, insectaggedon, permafrost (with their mammoths buried thousands of years ago), and many more challenges. Some as close as the effects of the gas with which it is cooked at home and others as far away as the collembola from Antarctica or the Big Ben hamburger. We and climate change seeks to provide a clear, integrated and historical view of the elements that shape the most important external phenomenon that will influence our lives, and that of our children and grandchildren. It also calls for thinking and acting to moderate or avoid it and alter, for the better, the horizon of humanity.

Chapters: The atmosphere, Invisible as a salad of gases / Methane gas, the most transparent villain / To great evils, great remedies: solutions larger than life / Welcome to the planet Vaca or Pollodzilla! How to devour the whole world / Ecosystems: excuse me, we are working for you / And that sea that, laminated, bathes you / Climigración / Well, what do we do now?

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