Pamela Bravo (Pla)+-

Commercial and environmental engineer

She is a commercial engineer from the Diego Portales University, with a diploma in UC cultural administration and in education for USACH sustainable development. She is the founder and general manager of Compostera, a company that contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of people, companies and communities; along with talks to schools about the importance of sustainability and composting. Her environmental education podcast «Mueve la fecha» can be found on Ivoox and Spotify.

Alfredo Cáceres+-


He is an illustrator with more than ten years of experience in various national media and publishers. He is the author of Los intrusos (SM Chile, 2018) and winner of the Hummingbird Medal for Everything for Survival (Amanuta, 2012) and of the Municipal Literature Prize for The humpback whale (Amanuta, 2016).

Magdalena Guerrero+-


She is the mother of Elisa and Ema, a sociologist from the Alberto Hurtado University, has a master’s degree from the University of Paris-Nanterre. She likes to look for the reasons for everything around her, how we behave, how we are or why there are inequalities and exclusions between people.

Gabriela Lyon+-


She is a visual artist and illustrator from the Finis Terrae University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in contemporary artistic practices at the same university. She is a university professor of drawing. She is the author of The Adventures of the Birdman (Ekaré, 2017) and Little Story of a Disagreement. Citizenship for children (Ekaré, 2018), winning book of the Hummingbird Medal 2018. She obtained the Municipal Prize for Literature 2019 of the genre Children’s Literature with A sunny day (Ekaré Sur, 2019). One of his most remote memories is that of drawing animals for hours, especially dogs and horses. Now when she grows up he always tries to include some living being in his illustrations.

Itza Maturana+-


She is a designer and graduate in UC illustration and autobiographical narrative. She was part of the delegation of Chilean illustrators at the Bologna International Fair 2019. She is the author of Yo, activista (La Bonita Niños, 2020). In 2019 she obtained the Hummingbird Medal for the illustrations in the book Insectopedia (Amanuta, 2018). Loves to make picture books.

Elena Pantoja+-


She is a journalist at the Diego Portales University. She has worked in various institutions and activities related to culture and science. She is a columnist at The Clinic and since 2017 has been in charge of communications for Planetario USACH. Listen and talk too much. She walks, watches, takes photos and writes down the things he sees and happens to him. She fervently believes that those who have the privilege of dedicating themselves to what they love should do their best to improve the world, even if only a little. And that’s what it is about.

María José Poblete+-

Lawyer and writer

She is the mother of Matéo and Inés, a lawyer from the University of Chile and a master of l’ESSEC, in Paris. She has written theater, narrative, and other things. She is the author of the novel El desvelo (Suma de Letras, 2011). Since she really enjoys meeting new people and places, eating and collecting stories, she has lived in different towns and cities in Chile and other countries, has eaten bugs and has learned to converse in other languages.

Mathias Sielfeld+-


He is a designer and graduate in UC illustration. He has made illustrations for various media and since 2015 he has created vignettes of humor and social criticism on social networks under the pseudonym @oyemathias. He is the author of La gente opina (Catalonia, 2017). In his words: «Illustrating this book has been a great learning, they are topics that we all should know in order to build a better world»

Lucha Sotomayor+-

Digital risk expert

She has a master’s degree in literature from UChile and a degree in UC literature. She is an expert in violence prevention and participation. Has worked at UNICEF Global, at the United Nations, the Smart Citizen Foundation, among others. Today she works for the United Nations in New York, specifically around the activism of boys and girls to prevent and report violence. She is the director of Fundación Todo Mejora, founder of Limitless, and author of Yo, activista (La Bonita Niños, 2020).