We are a young publisher of illustrated and beautiful, original and innovative books, with an illustrated and informative editorial proposal for both adults and children.

We love what we do and hope you like it. We work with love and dedication, which is why our logo is a big heart.

Illustration: María Jesús Guarda – Book Your friends from America



We set out to transform good ideas, personal or collective projects, corporate memories, experiences and a long etcetera into beautiful publications and books.

What do we do?


We write your ideas and projects


Styling and proofing fixes


Programming and layout


eBooks, ePub and more

Print Management

Supervision and good views


Actas ¿Qué leer? ¿Cómo leer? Lectura e inclusión

Client: Mineduc

Informe de Sostenibilidad Chile 2018

Client: Sodexo


Each book is the result of great teamwork. They required research, creativity, debates, consensus, ideas, passion, spontaneous collaboration and a lot of love to make them look as beautiful as you see them.

Gabriela Precht


She is the mother of Manuel and Nina, has a master’s degree in children’s and youth literature from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has a degree in literature from UC. Correct and edit texts. He is passionate about culture in all its forms and consumes it almost daily. He loves creating and composing books from start to finish. Today he dedicates himself fully and with much love to giving long life to the Conscious Citizen Collection of La Bonita Niños.

Gabriela Alburquenque

Editorial assistant

She has a degree in literature and an honor diploma in contemporary thought from the Diego Portales University. He participated in the direction of the magazine Grifo no 37 A low voice: writings of the self. She declares herself a feminist and believes in the dissemination of open culture as political resistance.

Margarita Echenique


Comprehensive UC designer, with courses in editorial design and art direction at EINA, Center Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. He has always loved books, in their form and content, and today at La Bonita he is lucky enough to design them.

Andrea Torres


She is a graphic designer from the PUCV and a master’s degree in university teaching from the UNAB. He designs books with a computer and also runs a craft printing workshop called Tipo Móvil, where he rescues letters and very old printing machines to give them life again, transforming what was once industry into art.